Award-winning business strategist, department lead, journalist, keynote speaker & innovative storybuilder.

20 years of pushing boundaries in the content game has made me a specialist in the art of flipping organisations from startups to top-performing world-class businesses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategist

    I have spent the better part of the last decade developing strategies for Aftonbladet, Mittmedia och Bonnier News Brand Studio (BNBS), with some great results.

    Revenues: During my time as Head of Story Experience, BNBS increased their revenue by 350 percent (+200 MSEK 2019), and acquired numerous awards, e.g. “Best Brand Studio in the World” at Native Advertising Awards in Berlin and “Business of the Year” two years in a row at the prestigious gala “Newspaper of the Year” – a unique accomplishment in the history of the competition.

    During my time at Mittmedia, the online video revenue increased by 450 percent, which led to Mittmedia being awarded for the world's best local TV online at INMA Global Media Awards in New York.

    Company culture: BNBS grew from 17 to 62 employees during 2018-2020. It is easy to lose momentum in such a recruitment boom but a survey stated that 97 percent of the employees were proud to work at BNBS.

  • Teambuilder

    For the last twelve years I have managed multiple teams, been in charge of large-scale budgets and recruited over 50 talents.

  • Award-winner

    Part of my mission at BNBS was to create entries for awards. During my three years at BNBS we won 28 awards and was nominated 59 times. 87 percent of my entries got nominated.

  • Storybuilder

    We used to be storytellers. Today, owing to the internet and VR/AR/AI/voice-possibilities, we are storybuilders creating story experiences. My expertise lies within four areas. As a keynote speaker, I have visited numerous countries to inspire brands, publishers and broadcasters. My latest topics are “The Future of Video”, “2049 – the world in 30 years”, and “Die a Hero – designing life with empathy and creativity”. As a writer, I have developed a new genre within gonzo/new journalism where I stalk people. My latest piece is about the Australian musician Alex Cameron.

    I have created and hosted two podcasts; “Life Designer Bible” and “Våra Vänner”, at the time one of the 20 most popular podcasts in Sweden, where I meet people I admire; the best comedian in Sweden, world-class musicians, science professors, international footballers, video pioneers and media moguls.

    As a PR spin doctor, my strength is my network. I have valuable contacts at most newspapers, magazines and TV broadcasters in the Nordics, and have written numerous press releases resulting in news articles.


I create opportunities for my teammates to use their strengths, which may be one of the secrets to why I manage to build strong teams that become No 1 in the world.

  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    NomoFomo, 2020-present

    NomoFomo is a modern media house with the vision to enlighten the world by explaining news, inventions, research, people and trends that shape the future. Every week we cherry pick the diamonds out of 2,500 articles, reports, videos and podcasts, and offer analysis through newsletters, talks, strategy, workshops, reports and podcasts. We want to make sense of this world. We connect the dots and try to solve the puzzle by delivering content that makes us all smarter and happier, every day. Award-winning journalism and pioneering research. Must-hear podcasts and must-see videos. Events, people and breakthroughs that change the world – a mix of what you want and should know.

  • Head of Story Experience

    Bonnier News Brand Studio, 2018-2020

    Bonnier News Brand Studio is an in-house agency at Scandinavia’s largest media company, offering brand building and business growth by creating innovative concepts and content. They combine new expertise in immersive production techniques (VR, AR, AI, voice), with a strong reputation in content production (TV series, longreads, native texts) and in doing so, they have revolutionized branded and native content, resulting in numerous awards. My mission was to develop yearly departmental strategies, ensure innovation height and build our reputation in order to attract creative talents and increase sales. In addition to this, I managed a team of 35 people including Creative Directors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Writers, Copywriters, Production Managers and Video Producers.

  • Creative Strategist

    Bonnier News Brand Studio, 2017-2018

    Working as creative strategist my mission was, not only to act as an advisor in business and product development and assist with expertise in commercial partnership deals, but also to build the company culture through departmental strategies and KPI’s. The goal was to combine underlying business strategies with creative ideas, and make consumer needs connect with the fundamental business goals, in order to maximize profit potential.

  • Head of TV

    Mittmedia, 2015-2017

    Mittmedia is one of the world's most progressive local newspaper companies, praised and internationally acclaimed for its digital strategy and excellence. Their investment in live television won Mittmedia a prize at the INMA Global Media Awards for the world's best local TV online 2017. My mission was to create innovative local TV-formats and find sustainable business models. I was responsible for budgets and program development and commissioned technology and content of all sorts.

  • Creative Director and Executive Producer

    Hard Hat Media, 2012-2015

    At Hard Hat, one of Europe's most innovative TV production companies during the 10s, I created some of the biggest online video shows in Scandinavia. My mission was to create, budget and sell TV formats and branded content to TV channels, publishers and advertisers. I also acted as content distribution advisor.

  • Head of Aftonbladet TV

    Aftonbladet, 2010-2012

    During my time at Aftonbladet (Scandinavia’s largest newspaper), we became an online video pioneer, not only in Sweden but worldwide. I managed a team of 20 people, was responsible for budgeting and UX-development and in charge of technology- and content production orders. My efforts in branded content led me to win “Sales Performance of the Year” at the Schibsted Sales Awards in 2012.

  • Head of Publishing Aftonbladet TV

    Aftonbladet, 2008-2010

    Head of the Video Editors. Main mission: Develop, implement and manage products and content-, distribution- and business strategies for digital platforms.

  • Online Editor and Reporter

    Aftonbladet, 2003-2008

    As a reporter, I wrote some of the most read news articles in Sweden and as editor, I started, built and operated two web-sites that grew into two of Sweden's largest sites totalling an audience of one million weekly visitors.

  • Online Editor

    Expressen, 2001-2002

    At Expressen, the second biggest newspaper in Scandinavia, I invented the art of live reporting starting at the Australian Open narrating each match, stroke by stroke, directly online.

  • Reporter and Editor

    Värnpliktsnytt, 2000-2001

    The magazine of the Swedish Armed Forces has formed many of Sweden's top journalists and media executives. I graduated with the highest grade awarded in the history of the prestigious institution.

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